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Katherine Boo’s First Book, ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ - The New York Times

Poverty is a touchy subject for Americans, evoking as it does an awkward mixture of empathy and reproach. Good little capitalists that we are, weaned on notions of meritocracy, we harbor suspicions that a failure to thrive points to a failure of character. Blaming the poor for their own predicament, she tells us, is like blaming a cancer patient for his prognosis—it serves little purpose but to shift the blame away from the real culprits. It takes a brave writer to tackle such challenging subject matter.

Luckily, Boo has the talent to match the task. Behind the Beautiful Forevers reads less like a sociological tract than a great work of fiction.

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The world Boo portrays is vivid and alive, swimming with beauty and filth and disease, and populated by characters whose complexities and heartbreaks we come to see as our own. More than that, though, our hero is trying to create a new role for himself, outside of the rigid strictures of the Everlasting Secret Family - neither lover nor servant, but something special.

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To this end, he becomes the lover of both the minister and his young son. Here's a clip of the minister's son realizing that he could shoot his perpetually young companion, and there would be no consequences whatsoever.

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And then he gets initiated into the Family himself, in a scene with some very ridiculous masks:. Well worth tracking down a copy.

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Be Beautiful Forever

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