Darkness in the Light (Forever Darkness Book 2)

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This is a sweet, innocent read with a rather religious overtone. There is plenty of praying and belief, and trying to convince the non-believers in the power of their god. I did like the sweet romance between Justan and Merrilyn and I loved the moments in the very beginning of them hanging out in the forest together even though it felt out of character for a Prince to be mucking it digging in ponds. And This is a sweet, innocent read with a rather religious overtone.

A Journey Through Darkness

And I was saddened when it felt like he just turned off his friendship with her for his duties. So, I was frustrated with Justan for a large portion of the book but he does redeem himself toward the end and I still have hope for their romance. The fight with light against darkness felt stale I mean by that, it felt boring simple black and white with no interesting layers of grey for intrigue.

She had all the same healing abilities along with the smite white light and chain healing. And while their battles felt stale with them able to beat back the villain each time, I did like the people they met along the way. Adien grew a lot of personality to him, especially when they got to the border village. And the sisters and other villagers all had plenty of character.

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Aug 03, Ciayrra The Scorpion Flower rated it it was amazing. I love this story.

Jesus the Light of the World

It was a pretty quick read, because the story flowed well. Great characters and good battle scenes. Apr 22, christina Matlock rated it it was amazing. I also have the one that has Merrilyn on the front cover I will now be reading book two and three.

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Apr 25, Ruth Burgess rated it it was ok. This review, my first review, is chock-full of spoilers, so if you're interested in actually reading this book without spoilers, step a good distance away. I really wanted to like this book. The pacing was wrong, the characters were flat, the relationships were shallow, but the premise was interesting. I mean, has anyone heard of a silver-haired heroine who heals others by praying? Probably not. Still, this book almost falls into the bottom of the barrel. The book starts off with Merrilyn, This review, my first review, is chock-full of spoilers, so if you're interested in actually reading this book without spoilers, step a good distance away.

The book starts off with Merrilyn, the main character, and her friend Justan, the youngest prince of Nomar. Apparently they've been friends for years and have never had any romantic feelings. But then, after about two chapters, they spontaneously fall in love. Suddenly they have all of these hidden feelings for each other. And to top that off, they both pretty much upheave their relationship in two or three weeks. They act like complete grouches. Justan may have gotten snappy, but you know who started it? She snapped at him for no good reason.

And yet for the entire book Justan is portrayed as more of a jerk than her. Ooh, and then the big "love triangle" element. Apparently this random soldier guy gets hurt and Merrilyn has to heal him up. Then all of a sudden insta-love happens.

Darkness Into Light

Just like that, they start cooing to each other, running after each other for no particular reason. I understand that the archer guy is apparently trying to protect Merrilyn, but what's with that creepy scene in the palace garden, then? Then there's the pacing. It was dragging me around like a limp doll for most of the book. One minute everything was progressing super quickly so I had to reread a page, the next minute, it was excruciatingly slow.

The beginning was probably the worst. Everything went so quickly I felt like I had been kicked in the chest and completely winded. But, thankfully, by the end the book trots along at a decent pace. Merrilyn, too, is also an issue. Dear Reader, if you haven't already found out, she is very, very flat. Everything she does is "right", including running away like some sort of idiot towards the danger-infested mountains with Archer-loverboy, using her healing powers freely on the run, even though they would blow her cover she's apparently running from Justan , and staying with creepy old ladies who put cheese in their hair WHY!?!

And all because "Loian said so!

I shall also continue for a short amount of time on the villains. Duggan, the villain of the story, although not the main one, is probably my favorite character. He's a mysterious wizard with interesting powers and no backstory. But what really made me like him was a small scene showing the reader that he was vulnerable. Close to the beginning of the book, Duggan fails to capture Merrilyn and gang, and he's threatened by the main villain.

If he fails again, he will be killed. It was a very trite scene, but at that point in the story, I hated the protagonist. And then, to top it all off, we get probably the most anticlimactic death of all time. Duggan falls and breaks his neck. Merrilyn the Brat doesn't bother to heal him, because he's "the bad guy".

So, in summary, the real reason I'm giving this book two stars is because I disliked the main characters. Since this seems to be Ms. Sutherlin's first book, and an indie book at that, I would have given her a bit more grace, but I just became aware of this. I hope that in the future, she will improve her writing substantially. Apr 03, MJ added it Shelves: did-not-finish.

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Not entirely a bad book, and not for me. The story is very pure with little grey. Despite being the heroine of the story, Marilyn makes few decisions on her own and is always protected by an adult, the love interest, or said god; she's boring and so are the cardboard other characters. I thoroughly enjoyed A Light in the Darkness.

From the first chapter, I was drawn into this fantasy world and trying to figure out the mystery. The entire story was a fun adventure, with some mysteries revealed.