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In other words, you see teaching as more than just standing in front of a whiteboard barking orders. I believe when students are challenged with realistic goals and given the support they need not to just get the answers right but to be able to use those learnings to solve future problems on their own, everyone comes out on top. Difficult students, naturally, exist in every classroom. And difficult can look like so many different things. So interviewers want to know that you either have in the past handled a difficult student or can handle them appropriately should you need to.

Once I know what may be contributing to their difficulty, I really try to work with them to come up with a solution. I also decided to make some of my lessons more active and hands-on so that other students could benefit from getting out of their seats every once in a while. Similar to the question above, interviewers want to see how you influence students to do what you need them to do. I never want students to feel left out or overindulged, so I always try to be fair and consistent with everyone.

Part of being a teacher is relating to students. But often the other half is about working with parents and guardians—people who influence how your students learn and behave in the classroom just as much as if not more than you do. Your job will require you to work with those adults to ensure your students meet expectations. Which is why at the beginning of the school year I like to invite parents to my classroom and have individual meetings with the families. Then, throughout the year, I always try to touch base with families to share positive updates and small wins about the student in addition to discussing any challenges the student might be facing academically or behaviorally.

How are you developing yourself both within your professional career [and] personal development as well?

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You just want to express a growth mindset and an appreciation for continuing to get better at something. Thus, an interviewer wants to know that you can get along with just about anyone. We were all a little frazzled because the project required a lot of revisions, but we put our heads together and divided the work, even staying late a couple days to make sure we finished on time. Swartz gives an example answer from a social worker he once interviewed for a teaching position.

Pick something that required you to stretch yourself a bit, but ultimately led to a successful outcome.

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Most of my team was struggling to connect with them, but I was determined to set things right. I was patient and listened to their complaints, and we worked together to come up with a solution that seemed like a good compromise for the customer. Swartz says that one particular story that stood out to him over the years is the experience of a teacher who convinced his entire school to adopt a technique to help teachers connect with their students.

After discovering that this new teaching method really seemed to work, they decided to get it implemented across the school.

Building Character, Not Résumés

By partnering with various staff and respectfully sharing their ideas, the teacher eventually got the approval to make the change schoolwide. So interviewers want to see that you can think on your feet and handle a conflict when it arises. I can confidently say no camper was disappointed with the change of schedule—they loved all the games, and our staff was relieved how smoothly things went after that first time.

You know that thing about teachers needing to have a growth mindset? Well, receiving and implementing feedback well is important to showcase that. Consider a time when you got feedback that was tough to take but ultimately made you better at your job. Talk through how you received it hopefully with an open mind! I decided to sign up for Toastmasters for some public speaking tips my boss was kind enough to cover the cost of it , and run my presentations by my manager before doing them.

How would you address these? They may line the five up right below the eight and therefore get the wrong answer. I would also encourage them to draw a line from each addend all the way down to their sum to make sure all the decimals are in line. I always remind students to read carefully and double check their work to avoid common mistakes like this. Soon the school decided they could no longer handle Nancy and they transferred her to another of the Darlington schools in Pennsylvania.

It was at this second school, the Avon Unit, that Nancy was introduced to illegal drugs.

40 lessons in happiness for my younger self

Nancy would come home on school breaks and smoke cigarettes in the kitchen and marijuana in the bedroom. Despite discussions with their parents against illegal drugs, Deborah and Frank soon discovered that their other two children were also smoking marijuana.

This caused Deborah and Frank to be placed in a difficult position when the Darlington system decided the best way to get rid of Nancy was to graduate her at sixteen. Unable to have Nancy around their younger children, Deborah and Frank agreed to allow Nancy to go to college in Colorado where she had already been accepted at the University of Colorado. After only a few months, Frank received a call from the Denver police alerting him that Nancy had been arrested in a case involving stolen skis.

The only way Nancy could avoid being charged with theft was to agree to leave Colorado immediately. Nancy returned to Pennsylvania and her parents' home. Nancy was to get a job and work toward independence, but like school, Nancy had trouble getting along with others, causing her to lose the one job she managed to get.

Nancy began sleeping all day and partying all night. In time the Spungens knew they had to move Nancy out of their home. Nancy did well in New York at first. However, Nancy's growing dependency on illegal drugs soon took over and she found herself unable to care for herself or to make the money she needed to survive. Nancy eventually got into a methadone program and kicked the heroin addiction. Soon after that, Nancy moved to London to be a part of the music scene that was growing there.

Nancy had begun using heroin again in London and Deborah was in the middle of attempting to get her and Sid into a methadone program when she got the word that Nancy had been murdered.

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  4. The Spungens suddenly became front page news, with reporters camping on their front lawn. Frank and Deborah could not leave their cars to enter their home without being hounded by dozens of reporters, both from the United States and London.

    To Learn, Students Need to DO Something

    To make matters worse, the Spungens were treated with a great deal of disrespect when they dealt with the coroner and the district attorney dealing with their daughter's murder. It soon got to the point that Deborah was afraid to go home alone. After Sid Vicious' death a few months later, Deborah decided to sell the house and make a new start of it.

    This caused some turmoil for the rest of the family who felt that Deborah was attempted to pretend Nancy never existed.


    The family would have to enter counseling in order to see the impact Nancy had on their lives and was still having. It took time, but eventually the Spungens were able to put their lives back together and move on. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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