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John F. Blair, Publisher, Remember how I said when I reviewed the book that claimed to contain every known ghost story in North Carolina that there was no way there could be less than a hundred ghost stories in NC? This book which is part of a trilogy is how I know. The neat conceit of the trilogy is that the author picks a folkloric story from each of the hundred counties in North Carolina and retells it.

Collectively, these three books have stories in them. And since I know for a fact that Barefoot left many out because he could only choose one for each county , I happen to know that there are, in fact, many more than a hundred. The trilogy breaks things up into three regions: the Coast, the Piedmont area, and the Mountains.

Literature in Region: Piedmont

This first one is for the Coast. Some of these stories, I already knew. The Edgecombe one was fairly disappointing, for example, as not only was I well aware of the Banshee legend, but I already knew all those details. And there are some others from that county that might have been more fun. There are some quite-creepy stories in here Barefoot knows how to give you a chill.

There are, for example, several stories of ghost lights some including pretty close encounters with what sounds almost like a fireball such as the Cove City Light and the Pactolus Light. One story from Bladen County also involves a brief case of multiple spontaneous combustion though no one died. Several about the Devil show up a few new to me, though not all of them. The demon would knock at the door and yell at him through the window. North Carolina used to be a real tough crowd for itinerant preachers.

One of the nastiest stories is a cursed house in Pasquotank County.

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Haunted North Carolina, Briefly Noted

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