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His book is an appreciation for the expansiveness of hockey culture, as thorny as it is beautiful. He has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of almost any subject related to hockey you might care to know about, and he is generous with that knowledge. He covers that. What about pucks, their history, and whether they are male or female?

He covers that as well. The Best and Worst of Years of Hockey. The Canadian Hockey Atlas. Toronto: PenguinWell, maybe if you're a Leaf fan--last year they won the Cup--also last year of so-called "original six. Coleman, C. Wiley, Hockey in Canada: The Way it is! Toronto: Gateway Press, Connor, R. Connors, S. Conway, Russ. Cosentino, F. Burnstown, Ont. Cox, D. Cox, Damien. Craig, J. Power Play. Cronin, R. Cruise, D.

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Curtis, Silver. Curtis, R. Death in the Crease: The Pro 2. Cuthbert, C. Ontario: Penguin Group, Danakas, J.

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Halifax: Lorimer, Hockey Night in Transcona. Toronto: James Lorimer, Daniels, C. Toronto: Thistledown Press, Dater, Adrian. Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Killer: The Brian Kilrea Story. Deacon, J. DeLillo, D. Demons, T. Denault, T. Dennis, R. Deusebio, M. The Pink Garters. Devaney, J. Great Upsets of Stanley Cup Hockey.

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  4. Surviving with Dignity: Hausa Communities of Niamey, Niger.

Diamond, D. Hockey Stories: On and Off the Ice.

Hockey Hall of Fame. Wilkins, and National Hockey League. Hockey, the Illustrated History. The Pictorial History of Hockey. Coach: The Pat Burns Story.

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Donnelan, F. Dopp, J. Dowbiggin, Bruce. The Defense Never Rests. Toronto: Harper Collins, Dowbiggin, B. Of Ice and Men. Dragland, S. Peckertracks: A Chronicle. Toronto: Coachhouse, Dregni, E.

Zamboni: The Coolest Machine on Ice. Paul, Minn. Dryden, Ken. January 7 Dryden, S.

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Dunn, T. Worcester, Mass. Dunning, E. London: Routledge, Duplacey, J. Forever Rivals. Amazing Forwards. Champion Defencemen. Hockey's Hottest Centers. The Leafs Vs. The Stanley Cup : Years of Hockey. Dutton, M.

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