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The different personalities complement each other. Dragons and Dogs have clashing personalities and are least compatible. Neither trusts nor understands the other. Rabbits have some similar interests as Dragons, but they can only tolerate each other to a certain extent. People born in the year of the Dragon have quick paced thinking. They excel at activities that most find mentally exhausting. Because of this, they are suitable for engaging careers. Some fields include the arts, politics and education.

They might feel insecure and indecisive when working alone. Dragons are great at planning and coming up with ideas. But they need someone else to help with the miscellaneous details. Dragons are fighters. This is the foundation for success, but can also hinder personal development. Dragons must remember to be more low-key and create lasting relationships.

This is because they are too busy with work to pay attention to their health. Due to this, minor colds can turn into much more serious illnesses.

HBO announces new Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon

Most Dragons have stressful careers and are overly sensitive to small details. They can become fatigued, but also suffer from insomnia. Disturbances in social and family relations will heavily affect their mental health. For better health, Dragons must remember to keep calm and relaxed. Instead, Dragons should take some time out for themselves.

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Exercise in nature will help with physical and emotional fatigue. In , the cerebral and clever approach of the Dog will quickly transform into the direct and unmediated outlook of the Pig. Dragons will surely master this approach and entertain many opportunities this year as long as they stay focused and collected.

Maintaining good deeds and charitable acts is equally important to ensure that your luck will last throughout the year. The Year of the Dog held some challenges for Dragons. It was not without its good moments but this year you will see less obstacles in your path. Several lucky stars shine on your efforts as the Year of the Pig fosters some affection for Dragons. However, you are not wholly compatible with the Pig, so you must learn to be more compliant this year and less stubborn.

Dragons' career outlook is very favorable this year. Those who work on commission such as salesmen, realtors, or financial advisors can expect a steady increase in revenue and a nice bonus on one of their larger contracts. Entrepreneurial Dragons can expect their endeavors to flourish this year. New careers or businesses will be off to a good start, but will be even more successful if you partner up with a Monkey or Rat.


Dragons will see a significant improvement in their studies as your motivation increases this year. If Dragons can keep this up, they will be able to absorb and retain knowledge easily. Consequently, the Year of the Pig is a suitable year for taking exams. If Dragons become too stressed over their studies, however, they risk altercations with classmates or teachers.

In order to stay positive, Dragons must manage their stress accordingly. Relaxing activities such as guided meditation and yoga will help them to stay calm. There are no negative health threats or serious illnesses on the horizon this year for Dragons. If they are particularly lucky, an existing condition will lighten its burden over the coming months. For the more senior Dragons, there may be some dietary complications.

Be sure to monitor your diet at home and when dining out. Both male and female Dragons will have their pick from an abundance of eligible mates; but take caution if you are persuaded to have casual flings this year as they may sabatoge long term prospects.

'Game of Thrones' Prequel 'House of the Dragon' Gets HBO Series Order | Hollywood Reporter

For Dragons who have already bridged this gap and are in a committed relationship, this year will see some checkered success for you. Be careful what you say when you are upset and learn to problem solve by communicating. Some might say miscommunication is the Dragons' greatest weakness.

Do not ignore small problems this year in your relationships as they are the beginning of larger issues to come. To better your odds in love, Dragon women can wear green jewelry, the more rectangular the better. Dragon men should wear black accessories such as a black watches or belts.

Dragons prefer to dream about their goals and take on project after project. During this year, Dragons must survey their achievements and take some time to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Despite the success you find this year, you must not get caught up. Take time to cultivate your spiritual traits and share time with your family to fill your home with a calmer Qi. Your health will not give you major cause for concern this year, but you do need to pay attention to minor illnesses. However, frustration over a series of setbacks in your career or finance could increase your stress level, so you must learn to relax and to release your stress.

Meditation and Yoga are good approaches to ease your stress. And if you can, go to your doctor and have a checkup sometime this year. The Dragon and the Dog are the least compatible. The year of the Dog is unlucky for Dragons as well. It will be a year of challenges and tests. But no matter what happens, they should not give up on their goals.

Do not act brashly and wait for the most perfect timing to come. Dragons can also use this year to make some changes. Break out of routines, be innovative and try some new things. They must keep in mind that some risks should not be taken and some opportunities should be let go. The fortune of wealth is not very positive either.

Become the ultimate Dungeon Master you always dreamed of being!

There might be significant loss of wealth. For those who have never been one to budget, this is a good year to start.

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Take advantage of the better luck, but go slowly. It might not be time to expect immediate results. Be very careful with decision making during these months. Feelings toward education will have constant ups and downs this year. Dragons should take a breath and settle down. Otherwise grades will slip badly and be hard to recover.

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Bad health with regular colds will be a distraction from studying. Be sure to maintain regular exercise, diet and sleep cycle.

Wu Tang Collection - The Dragon The Hero

They will constantly be suffering from various illnesses. Although nothing threatening, neglect will worsen them horribly. Since Morrogh is fast on regenerating its health back and can use some basic spells, Morrogh is slow with ability advancement. I of the Dragon received mixed reviews. GameSpot rated it a 6.

In this game, being a dragon turns out to be a pretty prosaic job. The game does offer some mildly interesting tactical options, thanks in part to the wide spell selection, but those strengths nearly collapse under the weight of the pitifully bland campaign.

I of the Dragon has some short-term appeal, but over time it makes you feel like a glorified exterminator, tediously eliminating an endless stream of generic monsters for no real reason. I mean, who wouldn't want to play as a dragon raining fire down on hordes of hopeless creatures while they cringe in fear of your greatness?

Unfortunately the poor implementation just makes for one sloppy experience that's not even worth playing when there are so many great titles out this time of year. Don't waste your time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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