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Therefore, stars should have in mind that they are estimated not only on the basis of their fame, goods deeds, but also on the grounds how they waste money.

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I Would like to meet Meghan markel She's member of the British royal family I am admir her because she very beautiful and Cuteness , and I love the change's that happend in her life , her true love change her life. I want to share something about famous celebrities. Yes,according to me it's a great idea fpr celebrities to do charity work. I don't think they do it for publicity or grabbing attention from everyone. They do it because they want to help needy people.

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Ravi: Well, OK then. Erm, this is Tess.

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Ravi: And she loves dancing and riding her mountain bike. Ravi: Oh yes. Gordon: Hello!

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Pleased to meet you! Gordon: Very well thank you Tess. Zara: Hello.

Ravi: Hi Zara. Tess: And what do you do Zara? Ravi: Angelina Jolie. Great - good choice! Tell us a bit about her. Tess: And why did you choose her to talk about today? Tess: Do you like her films? Ravi: Yeah. Ravi: And what would you like to talk to her about Zara? Section 3: Quiz Tess: OK. Hi Alice. Alice: Hello Tess: Do you both know what to do? Alice: Yeah Tess: Good. Tess: How about you, Alice? Things you find in a kitchen. Knife, fork, spoon. Section 4: Our person in Ravi: OK, some interesting answers there.

Carolina: Excuse me. Am I in the right line for immigration? It depends. What nationality are you? Carolina: Venezuelan. Carolina: Oh, yes, OK, thank you. Immigration Officer: Good evening. Carolina: Good evening. Immigration Officer: Where have you travelled from today? Carolina: Yes it is. Immigration Officer: And what are you going to do here? Immigration Officer: Is it a full-time course or a part-time course? Immigration Officer: Hmm.

Do you want to see it? Immigration Officer: Yes please. Carolina: Here you are. Carolina: Three years. Immigration Officer: Three years.


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Immigration Officer: Do you intend to work in this country? Students can work in the holidays. Carolina: Is everything OK? Carolina: Thank you. Carolina: Thank you very much. Immigration Officer: Good evening sir. And where have you travelled ……. Airports can be so difficult. Ravi: Gordon?

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What do you mean? Tess: He wants to tell a joke. Joke time!

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Who did you see it with? What's the best movie you've ever seen? Which do you like better, action movies or comedy movies? What movie star would you most like to meet? Who is your favorite actor or actress? What do you think of reality shows? Do you think that films can be educational? Is there a movie you could watch over and over again? Who's your favorite director? See any good movies lately? How much does it cost to see a movie in your country?

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Do you usually rent DVD's or videos when you rent movies? What's one of your favorite movies? What kind of movie is it? Who's in it? Who directed it? Why do you like it? When did it come out? Where was it filmed? How many times have you seen it? Would you recommend it? Do you think movies have been developing technology or technology has been developing movies? What is the most horrible movie you have ever seen?

What kind of movie do you like? How much do you spend to buy DVD movies? Are addicted to watching movies? Do you like to see a movie many times? Why or why not? Do you think action movies are bad for children? Which do you prefer, to watch movies or to read books? How much money do you spend when you go to movies?